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Martina Schmuecker

Martina Schmuecker is a Senior Ruskin Tutor (Studio Practice) and convenes the BFA Group Crits.

Martina Schmuecker constantly shifts between performance and sculpture. Her performances are moments of still reflection on a sculptural image, using elements of architecture and furniture as props as well as playing with well-known images from art history.

Her performance work to date, has included a construction of the ‘back’ of the painting 'The pleasure principle' by Rene Magritte performed by her German gallerist, the staging of a fight for two hands in Colorfight and Auszeit, an orange box with long legs patiently waiting on a public square in London.

Martina Schmuecker lives and works in London & Berlin. Recent exhibitions include All is not Lost at CGP in London,  the audio play Feedback Room, shown during a residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, 2010, Visual Mechanics, Malta Contemporary, Valletta, 2009; The Problem of Error, Gallery Sassa Truelzsch, Berlin, 2008; Contained, Hiscox Art Projects, London 2007 and New Contemporaries, London, 2005.

Email: martina.schmuecker@rsa.ox.ac.uk