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Chooc Ly Tan

Chooc Ly Tan is a French-born Afro/Vietnamese/Cambodian artist, DJ and Fine Art lecturer. She is also visiting tutor on the MFA program

Her practice sets-out to create new visions of reality by subverting or repurposing systems and/or tools we use to understand the world around us – such as concepts and methodologies from physics, politics and music. Drawing on her travels and voyages, she develops inter-disciplinary socio-political performances and installations, working across moving image, DJ sets, radio podcasts and club nights. Her work has recently been shown at CCA/EdUHK in Hong Kong; Kunsthall Oslo, Norway; Chale Wote Festival in Accra, Ghana and Banner Repeater, London.

As a DJ, Chooc Ly recently played at Swallow, a queer nightclub in LA; Regenerative Feedback at WORM, Rotterdam; Yellow Peril • Diaspora Disco x Eastern Margins x Chinabot at The Yard, London; the Living Art Museum, in Reykjavik, Iceland; Queering Now, London; and LAVA LAKE 24H RAVE (livestream). She also runs the platform Décalé that puts on evenings of experimental, collapsing and flawless sounds/visuals, in collaboration with cultural producer Anne Duffau. Décalé means: 'Being displaced in space and time'.

Chooc Ly Tan
Chooc Ly Tan / Chooc Ly Tan