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Jasmine Johnson

Johnson’s practice-led research is developed out of an addiction to love and an interest in verbatim technique.

Johnson works with video, drawing and performance. Recent presentations include: Drawing Room, Outset Study Annotations II; Pilot Press ‘Queer Anthology of Healing’; Barbican Public Spaces Commission; Almanac Projects; Hymn Show, Know Wave Radio; Almanac Projects; Jerwood Project Space; ICA (all London); ASI (Moscow); CAC, (Vilnius); Place des Arts (Montreal); Devos Museum (with Rachel Pimm, USA). Residencies include: Hospitalfield; alt.Barbican Programme; British Council Maker Library Residency (all UK); Rabbit Island (USA); Rupert (Lithuania). Johnson studied her MFA in Fine art at Goldsmiths and her BA at Nottingham Trent University where she is currently a lecturer.