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Colin Guillemet

Colin’s artistic output consists largely in installative works aiming at the point where sculptural and conceptually-led approaches meet. His works are as concerned by the material evidence and signature of things, as it is informed by the volatility of associative, runaway thoughts

Often leaving behind considerations of medium specificities and artistic themes, he is interested in art-making as a practical and physical form of poetic writing, and is particularly fond of the space which opens when viewers know they understood something but don’t yet know what it is exactly they understood.

His proposed research is on the subject of timbre, the elusive musical notion which denotes concurrently the perceptual attributes and the physical features of a sound -and thereby strangely binding both a sound’s emission and its reception. He sees in this notion of timbre a key to unravel the base dialectics implied by materiality and a way to think of art making not only as a relationship with the world as “stuff”, but with agency itself.

Colin Guillemet holds a M.A in fine art (Photography/Sculpture) from the Royal College of Arts and a B.A (Hons) from Central St Martins.