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Jaimini Patel

Jaimini Patel is a Visiting Tutor on the undergraduate course at the Ruskin.

Jaimini Patel is a London-based artist making site-specific installations that respond to the behaviour and properties of materials.  Her work investigates the agency of matter through a negotiation of boundaries, systems and performative actions.  An action may be repeated, but it cannot be identical.  Incremental variations in timing, rhythm, pressure, or temperature influence the outcome, which is unique each time.  Such apparently chance elements are played out within carefully controlled scenarios that may threaten failure.  The process of observing, collecting and attending to materials isolates momentary states and the placement of attention.  The resulting ephemeral propositions often suggest the possibility of transformation having occurred, or of being imminent: an avocado stone loses moisture; a flame disappears; colour mutates.

Recent projects include Rosina #0, Limone Space, London, 2016; Measure, Centrum, Berlin, 2016; Remainder 10/14-09/15, blank, Turin, 2015; DADU: conversations, DADU, East Nashville, 2015; Topography Disarranged, The Queen of Hungary Project Space, Aylsham, 2014; Sightline, Diogene Tram, Turin, 2014.