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Francesca Shakespeare

Francesca is a tutor for the term-time life-drawing courses.

Francesca Shakespeare lives and works in Oxford, where she has been based for the last 20 years. After a degree in Italian and Fine Art and a period living and working in Italy, she worked for 15 years as a muralist and decorative painter with a studio in Notting Hill, London. Now she divides her time between teaching, art projects and her own painting. A great believer in creativity in the community, she works regularly with The Ashmolean Museum, local schools and other agencies to design and deliver art projects that inspire, educate and connect people.

Her own practice is rooted in her love of ancient materials and techniques that unlock the past and allow her to explore the present. Using pigments, waxes and plasters she creates timeless fragments, full of colour and texture, that communicate those aspects of life and nature common to all humanity through all ages.

She has exhibited at The Mall Galleries, The New Grafton, The Jerram Gallery, JR Hospital, Tresco Gallery, Philip-Arnott Gallery Marrakech but currently sells mainly from her Open Studio during Oxfordshire Artweeks.

For more information visit: www.francescashakespeare.com