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Corin Sworn

Corin Sworn is Associate Professor of Fine Art at the Ruskin, and co-course leader of the MFA Programme; she is a Fellow of St Anne's College.

My work often manifests through various different mediums, I have worked with drawing, sculpture, video and photography. I use formal strategies of appropriation and détournement to address the means by which our interpretation and digestion of cultural matter (histories, artefacts, images) produce us as social subjects.

I previously used drawing to appropriate and re circulate significant and underrepresented moments in history, though my recent works use various cultural fragments to build scripts, performances and theatrical installations.

During the initial stages of production I will research broadly in order to bring various themes from history, economics, culture and politics into close association. From here I then begin to write ‘scripts.’ Sometimes these involve dialogue and interaction between characters and are later used in a film. At other times these are interactions and annunciations between different mediums and are used in a gallery space to produce a very different sort of dialogue. These ‘scripts’ both reveal information and fold it in upon itself. On the one hand this allows for the ability to think one thing through another but on another level it resists rational endpoints and instead maintains erratic meetings and schisms.