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Screaming Hornets at TINTYPE

Exhibition dates: 5 – 27 September 2014

Caption needed


Milly Peck (BFA 2012)
Hadas Auerbach
Jack Brindley
Nicholas Brooks
Adam Clarke
Charlotte Develter
Aimee Parrott 
Tobias Teschner

Screaming Hornets corrals an energetic group of eight young artists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. Most are in the post-art school couple of years – that window of opportunity when you need the energy and resourcefulness of a street urchin to rise above the radar.Screaming Hornets presents eight distinctive artists whose work is conceptually clear and aesthetically arresting. They all follow their own path and idiosyncratic lines of enquiry and ­– in different ways – are interested in production as process. The idea of a provoking an unscientific conversation appealed: putting the works in a space and seeing how they complement or conflict with each other.

Location and more details: www.tintypegallery.com