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Ruskin Alumni BAFTA + Oscar 2015 Winner

The Ruskin is thrilled to announce that alumnus Paul Franklin (BFA 1986-89) was awarded the Oscar for Visual Effects for his work on the science fiction film Interstellar. This follows on from Paul's recent success of the BAFTA award.

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Last night, the work of Paul Franklin and his colleagues was recognised once again through his successful award of an Oscar for Visual Effect for their work on the film Interstellar.  This is a phenomenal achievement and is the second Oscar that Paul has been awarded.  In 2010, Paul received a BAFTA and Oscar for the visual effects he and his colleagues created on the film Inception.

This now places Paul and his colleague Andrew Lockley from their company Double Negative, along with their co-creators at SFX Supervisor, as leaders in their field and the Ruskin staff and students are thrilled and proud of this exceptional accolade in the visual effects industry.  

Information on the Oscar winners can be found via the website here: http://oscar.go.com/nominees

More Information about Paul's recent success with the Special Visual Effects BAFTA can be found here: http://awards.bafta.org/award/2015/film/special-visual-effects

Double Negative also share news about their recent BAFTA success on their website here: http://www.dneg.com/dneg_vfx/and-the-bafta-goes-to-interstellar/ 

Double congratulations to Paul from everyone at the Ruskin!  We look forward to seeing you soon.