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Three new sound works by John Grieve

John Grieve is in charge of the Painting Workshop and is the Facilities Manager at the Ruskin High Street location.

John Grieve, Electromechanical disossciation

"Choreological Exchanges" is assembled from the sounds of mechanical telephone exchanges, the voices of telephone engineers and digital voice synthesis. It features the voice of Yuri Gagarin - the first human in space. Released on 12" vinyl on the Belgian SubRosa label:

"Electromechanical Dissociation" combines sounds of electromagnetic induction, internal combustion engines and clarinet, voice and saxophone responses to numerical information transmitted between mission control and astronauts during NASA's Apollo and Mercury space missions.  Released on transparent vinyl in a transparent sleeve on the Papal Products label.

Both of these releases are available for streaming and download on the usual platforms (Spotify, Apple, Youtube, Amazon)

The third work is "Thirty steps towards a" - a self help method developed out of the process of producing the preceding five records and designed with the assistance of OpenAI. Released on CD on the Papal products label.

All three can be listened to at https://www.johngrieve.org/vinyl.html