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Oreet Ashery at KW Institute for Contemporary Art

The Ruskin is thrilled to share the news of Ruskin Professor of Fine Art, Oreet Ashery's new film 'Selfish Road' which will be screened at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, 23rd - 28th November.

Oreet Ashery, Selfish Road at KW Institute of Contemporary Art

'Journeying through their homeland and recalling autobiographical memories along the way, Ashery observes how both senses of belonging have and continue to fuse with the vertiginous and winding flows of nation-building, infrastructure and land use.
Turning a camera onto the contested land in and around Jerusalem, Selfish Road draws upon the genres of science-fiction, stand-up comedy, the family photo album, and the implicit privilege of the slacker road movie. The film reveals a composite portrait of a rapidly changing landscape: roads collapse into sinkholes, diseased cacti line highways, and location-monitoring apps map circuitous routes to flag “high risk” and “prohibited” areas. This episodic reflection of space and place attempts to work through the paradox: How can you own something that is stolen?'

- Extract from the introduction to the screening at KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

The film will also be available for viewing online 29 November 2022 - 30 January 2023 at kwproductionseries.net, and hopefully presented at the Ruskin soon!