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Mariah Lookman at the Istanbul Biennale 2022

Visitors to the Istanbul Biennale 2022 can experience Ruskin DPhil alumna (2014) Mariah Lookman's work, 17th September - 20th November.

Mariah Lookman, 'Nelumbo, Aquatic Garden with Lotus'. Photo David Levene

Mariah Lookman's video "A Search for Sanjeewani in Sri Lanka'. Photo Sahir Ugur Eren

The 17th Istanbul Biennale taking place this year features the work of Mariah Lookman, an artist and educator.  

Dividing her time between Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the UK, her teaching and activism bridges art production and health. Among her contributions for the Biennale are 'Nelumbo - an aquatic garden with lotus' and a video installation with the title 'A Search For Sanjeewani in Sri Lanka'.

"In her work, she employs a process-centred, research-driven approach that combines teaching, curating with interdisciplinary scholarship, and a studio-based creative practice. Over the years, her interests in the links between the formation of scientific and political knowledge have evolved from single authorship to collaborative practice."
(Extract from the Istanbul Biennale catalogue)