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Jost Münster: One Place at a Time

An exhibition by Senior Ruskin Tutor Jost Münster at Ulm Museum.

Jost Münster, 'One Place at a Time'

Currently on show at Ulm Museum, Germany, Jost Münster's work is an exploration of the means and possibilities of painting. Using shapes and silhouettes derived from the interplay between architecture and the painterly aspects of real life, Münster forges a new and subtle vocabulary of forms and references.

"Jost Münster uses an extensive vocabulary of painterly textures and complementary forms of expression to transport us into pretended spaces. In terms of motifs, he draws from the observation of colours, forms and structures in the urban environment. He questions the composition and structure of buildings and structures, of façades, windows, gates or silhouettes for their pictorial content and transforms them into differentiated colour and material compositions. In doing so, he does not shy away from sculptural rulings in space and applied collage elements made of found and used objects."

-Excerpt from the exhibition introduction.

Until 20th November