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Elleanna Chapman receives bursary

We are proud to announce that Ruskin student Elleanna Chapman (BFA3) has been awarded a competitive bursary by The Supporting Act Foundation!

Elleanna Chapman

Artwork by Elleanna Chapman.

Artwork by Elleanna Chapman

El is one of 10 artists to receive the Creative Bursary:

‘From a collective of strippers tackling the stigma of sex work through weekly life drawing classes to an artist embracing kitsch aesthetics to ignite a revolution, the 2023 cohort for The Supporting Act Foundation represents an exciting, eclectic mix of individuals and grassroots organisations using art for good.’

'Elleanna Chapman is an interdisciplinary artist, interested in the role that art plays politically. Beyond institutional critique and identity politics, Elleanna’s practice is an inquiry into how art might catalyze social change, agitating not just for reform, but for revolution. Her practice explores a kitsch aesthetic, influenced by British working-class aesthetics and the appeal of the utterly adorable. She is currently a finalist at The Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, having completed a foundation in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, in 2021.'


Congratulations El!