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BFA Applications 2020 for 2021 entry: portfolio submission

Thank you to all those candidates who have successfully submitted their application through UCAS to study Fine Art at the University of Oxford's Ruskin School of Art. The UCAS deadline has now passed and the University cannot accept late applications. The deadline for the second part of the application - portfolio submission - is 18.00 GMT on Thursday 5 November.

If you have successfully submitted your UCAS application, you will be sent an email from the Ruskin with the link to SlideRoom, the online platform for the submission of your portfolio. If your UCAS application has been sent, but you have not received an email from the Ruskin, or if you have any problems with, or queries about, using SlideRoom, please email us at info@rsa.ox.ac.uk.  

The deadline for portfolio submission is 18.00 GMT on Thursday 5 November. An application is made void if a portfolio is not submitted.

The instructions and guidelines for uploading work are on the SlideRoom site, including information about types of files that can be uploaded (jpegs, pdfs, mp4, etc). Candidates can begin, return to and edit their portfolio repeatedly before finally submitting it, but once submitted, they cannot re-submit - the Ruskin can only consider the initial submission (and not any subsequent, additional submissions).

Please be sure to use the same name and email address as in your UCAS application, and also include your UCAS number when requested.

Following the deadline for portfolio submission, shortlisting decisions will be communicated to candidates in due course by their college of application (or, if they made an open application, the college to which their application is assigned).