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Quilla Constance

Alumna Quilla Constance, (abbreviated to QC) returned to the Ruskin in 2022 to judge The Kevin Slingsby Prize for Funnel Vision, along with Holly Slingsby and Oreet Ashery. The winner of this year’s prize was Lue Campbell-Smith.

QC Performances/Paintings: 2014, 2017 / QC

Quilla Constance is an interdisciplinary artist, lecturer and TV personality of (Black) Jamaican and (White) British working-class heritage. QC activates her hybrid subjectivity and resultant alternative ways of seeing through deploying her practice concurrently across the media of live performances, paintings, costumes, photographs, and music videos; strategically staging these artworks across varied contexts such as: art galleries, lecture halls, theatrical venues, music clubs, social media, the street, and mainstream television. QC’s practice seeks to conflate and activate the intersections between these cultural zones/learned categories; to agitate, amuse and empower audiences – in turn, creating new narratives and highlighting the absurdity of hegemonic systems of categorisation which are often injurious, since they restrict and marginalise BAME, female, LGBTQ+ and working-class identities.

QC’s recent projects include: ‘Teasing out Contingencies: QC Open Studio’ at Tate Modern (Funded by Arts Council England and Bedford Creative Arts). In 2021, QC also gave a special guest performance in the BAFTA nominated comedy docuseries ‘Rob & Romesh Vs’ on Sky Max, and appeared in the BBC Ideas film ‘How Limits Can Boost Your Creativity’.

QC will exhibit new painting-installations and performances in her upcoming solo exhibition ‘Teasing out Contingencies’ at The Higgins Bedford, Sir William Harpur Gallery in 2023, funded by Arts Council England.

QC’s website: https://www.quillaconstance.com/teasing-out-contingencies/