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Alumna Deshna Shah awarded AIR at Paradise Works

Ruskin's recent Undergraduate, Deshna Shah has been awarded the 2021 Artist in Residence at Paradise Works in Manchester.

Deshna Shah 2021, Paradise Works / Deshna Shah - Paradise Works

Based in Manchester and Oxford, Deshna has a complex relationship to location, culture and belonging. She uses her work to question the residual impacts of relocation, judgment and the unspoken, especially within the South Asiandiaspora. Deshna lives with dyslexia, to overcome the restrictions of modern language she combines languages from her childhood; Hindi, Gujarati, and English to form the enigmatic alphabet The Twilight Language, which she uses to narrate personal and social stories. Her practice is designed to help others heal through participation and visual imagery. Deshna’s work fluidly meets at the crossroads of installation, dance, performance, filmmaking, new media, and critical theory.


(Test courtesy of Paradise Works)



Deshna Shah, 2021, Paradise Works


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