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A Tally of Distempered Parts

A new exhibition by Ruskin tutor Tom Woolner, in collaboration with Sebastian Thomas.

Installation view from 'A Tally of Distempered Parts'

Catch 'A Tally of Distempered Parts' at ASC Gallery by Ruskin tutor Tom Woolner in collaboration with Sebastian Thomas until 28th April!

“Tom Woolner and Sebastian Thomas are working together for the first time on this collaborative installation at ASC Gallery. With readily available industrial materials, they will build a series of structures within the gallery space to play host to their respective works. These approximated bodily panels will allow works to be stretched and extruded from the gallery walls and ceiling through various apertures, while also subsuming other elements embedded in their membrane.

They will test the relationship between their practices drawing parallels between the sculptural and bodily processes of digestion, extrusion and excretion. A cast of disparate organs and limbs will be set adrift within this corporeal terrain. “

- Extract from the gallery introduction. 

Meet Tom at the gallery on Saturday 22nd April, 12-6pm 

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm
Saturday 12 - 6pm

A new text by Sally O’Reilly will accompany the exhibition.

Generously supported by The Elephant Trust


More info here: https://ascstudios.co.uk/events-exhibitions/gallery/