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Lecture Lists

The Lecture List for Hilary Term 2019 is now available.

Lectures held in the Examinations School are open to members of the University, but those held on Ruskin School of Art premises are closed except to Ruskin students and appointed students.  If any member of the University wishes to attend a lecture held at the Ruskin, they should apply in advance to


Hilary Term 2019

  • Lectures begin on the first possible day after the beginning of Full Term unless otherwise stated.
  • Non-members of the University may not attend university lectures (unless they are announced as open to the general public) without payment of a fee, otherwise than by personal invitation of the lecturer concerned. Persons who are neither reading for a qualification of this University nor otherwise exempt, and who wish to attend lectures in any term, should apply to the Buildings and Events Manager, Examination Schools, for details of fees. At least three working days’ notice is required before a lecture permit can be issued, to allow liaison with the department or faculty concerned. Senior visiting scholars from other universities who wish to attend lectures, seminars, or classes should normally apply to the lecturer concerned directly, and not to the Buildings and Events Manager.


Studio Work

Tutors: Melissa Appleton, Oreet Ashery, David Conroy, Justin Coombes, Eve Ess, Richard Grayson, Graeme Hughes, Sarah Jones, Samson Kambalu, Ian Kiaer, Ghislaine Leung, Jost Munster, Jaimini Patel, Jon Roome, Claudia Sarnthein, Martina Schmuecker, Neal Tait, Brandon Taylor, Damian Taylor, David Tolley, Lee Triming, Tom Woolner and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

  • Weeks 1-8, Monday-Friday 
  • 10am - 6pm: studios - 74 High Street/128 Bullingdon Road



Tutor of Anatomy: Dr S Simblet

BFA1 - open to Ruskin students only

  • Weeks 1-8, Wednesdays
  • Week 1: 1pm Drawing Studio, High Street (HS); then 1.30-4.30pm Dissecting Room (DR) of the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre (MSTC)
  • Week 2-6: 1.30-4.30pm, DR at MSTC
  • Week 7: 1.30-4.30, Drawing Studio at HS
  • Week 8: 1.30-4.30pm, DR at MSTC


History and Theory of Visual Culture

Convenor: Malcolm Bull

Lectures held in the Examination Schools are open to any member of the University of Oxford.  Seminars etc held at the Ruskin School of Art are open only to Ruskin students except by arrangement in advance.

BFA1, Module 3 - Painting after Painting with Moran Shelag

  • Weeks 1-4, Mondays
  • Week 1: 2-3.30pm, Lecture, Exam Schools
  • Weeks 2-4: 2-5pm, Seminars, OMS, 74 High Street


BFA1, Module 4 - Participation: from Object to Situation with Jason Gaiger

  • Weeks 5-7, Mondays
  • 2-5pm, Seminars, OMS, 74 High Street
  • Week 7, Thursday
  • 2-5pm, Film Screening and discussion, OMS, 74 High Street


BFA2 - Globalisation, Photography, and the Documentary turn with Malcolm Bull and Emilia Terracciano

  • Weeks 1-6, Wednesdays 
  • 11am: Lecture, Exam Schools;
  • 2 - 5pm: Seminars, OMS, 74 High Street 
  • Week 4: No lecture
  • 11.30am, 2pm, 3.30pm: Text-based seminars, OMS, 74 High Street



Visiting Speakers Series

Convenor: Oreet Ashery

  • Weeks 1-8, Thursdays 
  • 4.30 - 6pm: Project Space, 128 Bullingdon Road
  • Week 1: Federico Campagna 
  • Week 2: Sorry You Feel Uncomfortable
  • Week 3: Margaret Salmon
  • Week 4: Terence McCormack
  • Week 5: Fourthland Collective
  • Week 6: tbc
  • Week 7: Daniel Sinsel
  • Week 8: tbc



Research Seminars:


DPhil Research Seminars - ConvenorsOreet Ashery & Lee Triming

  • Weeks 1-8, Tuesdays
  • 3 - 5.15pm: Project Space, Bullingdon Road (unless otherwise arranged)


For more details and last minute updates (that can include new locations and times) please check the calendar here: