Ruskin BFAs spreading the word (and art) in local schools

A group of the fabulous undergraduates from the Ruskin took an exhibition of their work into an Oxford state school to inspire local teenagers to (re-)consider art as a subject.

A group of second years have initiated programme of outreach projects, to engage young people in state schools, and to widen access to the Ruskin.

Their initial project, organised by Daisy Smith and Jose Mario Dellow (both BFA2s), was an exhibtition, Open Source Artists, at a local comprehesive The Oxford Academy, which was on display from 8-12 May in the school's bistro and included paintings, sculptures, photography, prose and performance art in the school's bistro.

Emily Pullen, Elaine Robertson, Daisy Smith and Jose Mario Dellow curated the work, and the participating artists (BFA1s and BFA2s) were:

Ellie Arnold, Clara Atkinson, Eleanor Begley, Kori Ciao, Kirsty Clark, José Mario Dellow, Molly Foulkes, Jessica Heywood, Ella Joyce, Michael McCormack, Emily Pullen, Elaine Robertson, Rufus Rock, Greta Sharp, Sid Smith,  Suzy Vanezis.

Oxford Academy's head of art Jaclyn Wiid said she had been inspired to collaborate in the project by the 'predicament' faced by the arts curriculum following spending cuts. 

The launch event for Open Source Artists on Monday aimed to pique youngsters' curiosity about the arts and get them thinking about their future careers.

Mrs Wiid said: "Their reaction has been very mixed. The work challenges your preconceptions of what art is. Some of the students looked at it and didn't quite understand. It's really opened up a conversation about what art is and the different aspects to it."

The exhibition was covered in the local press.