Jost Münster exhibition in London - Interval [ ] Still : Now

Ruskin tutor Jost Münster is presenting new work in a collaborative exhibition at TinType Gallery in London, which opens on 2 March and continues until 31 March.
Jost Munster, Boscage, 2017 Bamboo, canvas, acrylic 320 x 180 cm Photograph: Jost Munster

“The frame, a simple but very powerful shape and structure can be found everywhere in our visual and virtual world. It holds, builds space - it frames space and time.”  - Jost Münster

An exhibition and on-going project Interval [ ] still : now is a collaboration between five artists, Moyra Derby, Nicky Hamlyn, Conor Kelly, Joan Key, and Jost Münster. They have developed a model of collective, experimental set-up and install, juxtaposing serial, modular and free-standing paintings, wall-works and projections.

Their approach is unified by framing as a shared convention between film and painting. The interruptions that occur through cross cuts, edits, overlays and spacings between works becomes a defining consideration. The architectural and durational containment of work through exhibition is a further form of framing that the Interval project foregrounds.

At Tintype a large window frames the space from the street and provides a dual aspect for work – pictorialized from outside, offering an overview and invitation – fragmented and spatially shifting inside. The cut in time and structured spacing implied by the term interval highlights this change of view and perspective between the street and the gallery. Within Tintype, there is a third aspect – because the window is so large and the street outside so busy ­– it is hard not to be aware of the constantly changing streetscape.  

Interval [ ] still : now reflects on the momentary encounter, caught within or cut by the limit of rectangular support, viewfinder, picture space, window space or film reel. 

Working collaboratively since 2016, Moyra Derby, Nicky Hamlyn, Conor Kelly, Joan Key and Jost Münster developed Interval [ ] Stop Gap in 2017 at the Herbert Read Gallery, UCA Canterbury, and Interval [ ] in 2016 as part of the Whitstable Biennale.