Jaimini Patel - exhibition at Hollybush Gardens, London EC1

Ruskin Alumna and current Visiting Tutor Jaimini Patel is participating in a group exhibition: 'Every Object is a Thing but not every thing is an object' which continues until 19 May.
Jaimini Patel, The new Moon with the old Moon in her arm, 2018 Photograph: The Artisit

Every Object is a Thing but not every thing is an object brings together seven artists who share an economy of means in their making. Industrially produced materials, functional objects, personal effects and performative situations have been dislocated, re-appropriated, re-contextualised, translated and transformed. 

Jaimini presents alongside Eva Fabrégas, Ruth Proctor, Reto Pulfer, Alex Reynolds, Anne Tallentire, Aaron Tan. 

They explore the porous and relational, how artworks suggest and evoke possible forms, structures and languages. Each work, an act of transformation, speaks of its process of becoming and thereby a mutability of states. As well though, the works are rmly rooted in social and political conditions that inform the formal and narrative possibilities at play. 

With the title, The new Moon with the old Moon in her arm, 2018, Jaimini Patel references the appearance of the new moon as the light re ected from earth reveals the dark side of the moon. Emerging are contemplations on cycles, nourishment, light, growth, time, and repetition. A drop of water containing blue-green algae lands as a bead on the surface of paper. As the water evaporates, the drop shrinks and the algae settles on the outskirts forming a darker ring delineating its border. With an oil drop, however, it is dif cult to de ne its edge and to know when it has come to rest; a line has to be approximated. In this work each series of daily practices and singular gestures gravitate to each other, as colour mutates, edges bleed and forms come in and out of visibility. 

The exhibition is on at Hollybush Gardens, 1–2 Warner Yard, London EC1R 5EY.

For opening hours and more information, please see: http://www.hollybushgardens.com