BFA Applications: Shortlisting Results

The results from BFA candidate shortlisting will be distributed by the colleges.  Each applicant will hear directly from their associated college about the progress of their application.
The Bullingdon Road site Photograph: Will Scott

Thank you for applying to the Ruskin School of Art. 

Once you receive news from the shortlisting, please refer to these guidelines for next steps: 

A: Non-shortlisted Candidates

We know you will be disappointed but please remember that the admissions process is very competitive, and the Ruskin received almost 240 applications for only 30 places, so many excellent candidates were unsuccessful. 

You now need to make arrangements to collect your portfolio from the Ruskin, either in person or by a courier company.  

Portfolios can be collected from the Ruskin School of Art, 74 High Street, Oxford OX1 4BG. The School's opening hours are Monday-Friday 9.30am – 9pm; and Saturdays 9.30 –12 noon.  The deadline for portfolio collection is Friday 14 December. 

Please remember that all costs and paperwork involved with the return of your portfolio is your responsibility.  We recommend a local mailing service: Mail Boxes Etc, 94 London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9FN.  Telephone: 01865 741729.  Email:

N.B.  You need to contact the Ruskin office in advance to tell us when you (or the courier service) will be picking up your portfolio, so that we can bring it out of secured storage and have it ready for collection. Tel: 01865 276940.  Email:

Also, it is important that the courier company you book to collect your portfolio has your name, i.e., the name that is on the submitted portfolio, so that they know whose work to collect. We cannot release portfolios without the courier company providing a name.

If we have not heard from you by the deadline of Friday 14th December, we will consider that you do not wish to collect your porfolio and so it will be disposed of accordingly. 

B.  Shortlisted Candidates

If you have been shortlisted, congratulations! The Ruskin anticipates retaining your portfolio until your interview and you will then be able to take your portfolio away with you afterwards.

However, if you need your portfolio for other purposes (ie an interview at another art college) before December, you can arrange to collect it (see above) and then bring it back (with the same content) for your interview.  

You are also invited to bring some of your recent work to the interview and this can often form a basis for discussion in the interview.  You will be encouraged to talk about your work and interests and to discuss contemporary art, especially exhibitions that you may have recently visited.

The interviews will take place in Oxford on Monday 3 December and Tuesday 4 December.  The Practical Test also takes place on Tuesday 4 December, in the Drawing Studio at the High Street from 10 am - 1pm.  Candidates who have their interview during the Practical Test on Tuesday will be offered additional time for the Practical Test at the end of the morning. A letter will be sent to you from the college through which you applied to study at the Ruskin, and this will provide more information about what to expect at the Practical Test. 

We look forward to meeting you soon!