Arturo Soto (DPhil) - Those Who Follow

Ruskin DPhil Arturo Soto is presenting an exhibition in Oxford, entitled Those Who Follow, a photographic journey encountering the city's modern religious spaces.
Arturo Soto, Those Who Follow

The exhibition is in part an artistic response to the Ashmolean Museums's current exhibition Imagining the Divine, bringing the incredible histories of art and religious material culture into the present day and showcasing the diversity of the Oxford community.

Those Who Follow confronts us with buildings we might pass everyday, that are part of our lives but that we don’t often pause to consider – affording us the opportunity to reflect on those that by contrast are prominent, distinctive, and immediately communicate ideas about faith. The exhibition goes behind the facades to explore how these buildings work for their communities from inside and out, both as spaces of worship and as places of the community.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 16 November at the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, 66, St. Giles’, Oxford, and continues until 20 March 2018.