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Ruskin 2018 Leverhulme Trust Early-Career Fellowships

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships 2018 at the Ruskin

Through the generous support of the John Fell OUP Research Fund, the Ruskin School of Art is able to support up to two applications to the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships 2018 competition for a post-doctoral research project. The School will hold an internal competition to decide which application(s) will be put forward under the scheme, so applicants should not approach the Leverhulme Trust directly until departmental support is confirmed in writing.

The Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship scheme is aimed at scholars who are at a relatively early stage of their academic careers and who have a proven record of research. Fellowships are tenable for 36 months. Applicants must hold an awarded doctorate (or have equivalent research experience) and must not hold or have held a permanent academic position in a UK university or comparable institution. Further details about the scheme can be found on the Leverhulme Trust’s website at

Candidates must check that they are eligible for the scheme before proceeding with the application process described below. Please see for more information on eligibility.

In addition to the salary (which normally will be set at Grade 07S.01 of the University’s salary scale, £31,604 per annum as at November 2017), the Leverhulme Trust will provide up to £6,000 per annum to further the award-holder’s research activities.

The Leverhulme Trust’s notes of guidance state that the Fellowships are intended to assist those at a relatively early stage of their academic careers, and it is hoped that the appointment would provide a platform for subsequent career development within the university sector or other research-active arts organisations. The objective is for Fellows to undertake a significant piece of publishable research during the tenure of the award, and the project put forward should therefore not be a reworking or mere extension of the candidate’s doctoral research project.

The application process

If you are interested in applying for a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship to be hosted by the Ruskin School of Art, please contact Dr Richard Sykes (Head of Administration, Ruskin School of Art) ( All applications will be considered by a sub-committee of the Ruskin School Research Committee.

Final applications require the support of an academic member of staff from within the School who is willing to act as a mentor. Candidates are asked to indicate in their draft statement of research their preference for a mentor. Successful nominees will be put in contact with a mentor after the internal selection process has been completed. For further information please see

Applicants who have queries about the role of mentors are welcome to contact Dr Richard Sykes (Head of Administration, Ruskin School of Art) ( )

Candidates must submit the following application materials by email to no later than midday (12pm) on Friday 05 January 2018:

  • 1. a two-page draft statement of research (which may use similar headings to that in the Leverhulme Trust’s notes of guidance);
  • 2. a one-page CV including education, publications, any awards, thesis title and examiners;
  • 3. a 150-word abstract summarising the research for a general audience;
  • 4. an indication of what additional research expenses may be claimed;
  • 5. one academic reference (ideally from the thesis supervisor);
  • 6. practising artists should provide online access to up to 12 images, or a short excerpt of their film or music, as appropriate. Please include the link to your work in your draft statement of research

A workshop will be provided by the Humanities Division for applicants who have been nominated by the departments to go forward for full application to the Leverhulme Trust. Candidates nominated by the School will be required to submit the final version of the application to the University’s Humanities Division. The Humanities Division will notify nominated candidates of the deadline, and will provide assistance and advice during the preparation and submission of the application to the Leverhulme Trust.