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Ruskin Alumni

At the Ruskin we take an enormous pride in our current and past members of the Fine Art department and the positive contribution they have made to the history of artists that have graduated from the University of Oxford.
Photograph: Jack Stanton

John Ruskin’s first art students began their studies at the School of Drawing in the University Galleries at the Ashmolean Museum back in 1871.  More than one hundred years later in 1978, art students graduated from this University with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree.  Since 1992, Fine Art students complete a single honours degree.

In October 2006 the current DPhil programme was introduced and the Ruskin was excited to launch a second postgraduate programme, a Master’s in Fine Art, in October 2015. 

The Ruskin is privileged to have such an exciting breadth of talent emerging from the School, from each of our courses.  Our alumni network continue to pursue diverse careers in the creative arts, as well as in education, PR, landscape design, finance, law, architecture and the film industry.

Our students have joined us from many different disciplines and it is wonderful to hear how many Ruskin alumni keep in touch with each other, as well as the School, as they pursue their careers and further studies. 

The Ruskin has joined the Oxford Alumni Community where we will also post school news and connect with graduates from the University.  

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