Yulia Kim (김현지)

I delve into the intricate concept of generational displacement, drawing inspiration from the tumultuous socio-political events of our time. I witness individuals caught in the relentless cycle of human displacement, their resilience weakened by the trauma of repeated upheaval. The artistic inquiry lies in the profound debate surrounding death and the socio-political factors contributing to community displacement. With a specific focus on Korean history marred by external forces like war and colonisation, I illuminate the experiences of the local population during those turbulent periods through oral traditions. I offer a compelling narrative that exposes the impact of displacement on the lives of individuals and communities.

Central to my creative endeavour is the revival of the nearly eradicated culture of 'Musok,' cherished by our ancestors despite cultural and physical genocide. It aims to breathe new life into this endangered heritage, honouring the resilience and tenacity of those who fought to preserve it. The full significance of my artistic narrative unfolds when viewers actively engage with and perceive the profound reality of our history. In essence, it catalyses introspection, challenging society to confront the devastating consequences of generational displacement. By shedding light on these poignant stories, I strive to foster empathy, understanding, and a renewed commitment to forging a future where displacement is not an endless cycle but a chapter in our shared history that we learn from, remember, and transcend.

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