Lucy Meeber

Unpredictability of the body and its texture feeds the fascination for the unknown. Everything is interdependent and mutually influences, for example, the self among id, ego and superego. To reflect and express these ideas, I spend most of my time exploring the relationships with body parts, paper, and books. A work, from my perspective, requires the audiences to reinforce and enlighten it. Participants, treated as part of me, are constructing my work.

Book space does not exist unless readers open the book to create. The space they created each time is influenced by the ways of reading, full of uncertainties and autonomies. Engaging with multi-sensory experiences guides me separately and simultaneously to a sense of existence both spiritual and physical. As with the spontaneity of book space, my practical work attempts to hunt interrelationships between the inner self and the languages of the physical and symbolic body through clues…

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