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Research at the Ruskin Chloe Dewe Mathews: Shot at Dawn

Research at the Ruskin

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The Ruskin School of Art encourages and enables its teaching staff, postgraduate students, academic visitors and fellows to develop and sustain their research. It values the wide-ranging contributions that these groups contribute to the department in terms of fine art practice, curatorship, criticism and art history and provides them with expert support, facilities, funding and time.

The Ruskin School sees fine art as a subject rather than as a field that needs to be subdivided into narrow specialisms, and maintaining this diversity underpins the planning behind its highly regarded research strategy. In adopting this approach the department maximises the advantage it enjoys as a component of a large collegiate university, and research projects involving collaborations across all departments and faculties in Oxford and those that draw on the University’s museums and other collections are a stand-out feature.

The ground-breaking commissioning and visiting scholar programme, which was historically identified with The Laboratory, has previously been shortlisted for the Prudential Awards for the Arts and the National Art Collections Fund Prize. Directed by Paul Bonaventura, Senior Research Fellow in Fine Art Studies and overseen by the Committee for the Ruskin School of Art, the programme is crucial for the stimulation of debate within the walls of the department and provides a means of maintaining and strengthening links with the wider arts community.